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Corporate Happiness Index #CHI

We visualize individuals based on their Happiness Quotient. #HQ. Our interaction, general responses and our association gets impacted by the level of happiness and the HQ of individuals in our inner circle.

What about your organisation?
What is your organisations’Happiness Index level? Where it stand w.r.t. Global Corporate Happiness Index Ranking?

If you have not yet assessed it, Time is Now!
Get connected and #happify your workplace

While launching the concept of CHI# on 15 January, 2019, New Delhi-1, India we are seeking your indulgence to participate actively and help us co-create #HappierIndia by evolving the Abundance and Happiness Mindset based Eco-system.

Be The Chief Happiness Optimizer to enhance Abundance & Happiness@Workplace

Register and book your slot for ChoMntr’s MasterClass 2019 here.

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