Our Motivated Team

Jasneet Bajaj

Chief Catalyst
Corporate Communication

Moni ka

Chief Catalyst
Event Management

Ace Aaditya

Chief Happiness Catalyst
Programmer Co-Creator

Cho Mantra

Crayon Company

About Events

The Master Class 2019 is the Flagship Programme for preparing the Chief Happiness Optimizer (CHO) for the Corporate World by sharing the MANTRA for Happiness@Workplace and immersing them in ‘Abundant & Happiness Mindset Framework’

The Chief Executive Officers, CxOs, Human Resource Managers, VCs, Director, L&D Professionals, Industry Department Heads, Placement Officers & Corporate Executives along with Social Impact Leaders, Community Welfare Change Agents…

To #BeHappy & #SpreadHappiness@Workplace
Become the Positive Optimistic Leader to CHANGE how your organisation grow rapily and Achieve Success.